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Frequently Asked Questions

Birthday Packages

  1. What’s the minimum/maximum number of kids for the Birthday packages?

For our Birthday packages, we require a minimum of 10 children. We also have no maximum, so we’re a perfect option for large parties!

  1. What’s covered in the Birthday package?

The birthday package covers 90 minutes of shooting, a 30 minute break, a gazebo simple decorations, a table, chips, popcorn, water and cordial. You are more than welcome to bring your own food, drinks and a cake if you wish. It also covers multiple archery-based games, instructions and constant supervision.



Children's Classes

  1. When do the children’s classes run?

Children’s classes run on Saturdays, every school term for 10 week periods. (Times may vary)

  1. What happens if we miss a lesson?

If you miss a lesson, you will need to arrange a make-up lesson. Speak to the coach to organise a suitable time!

  1. Do we need our own equipment for the class?

No, we can provide everything if needed! If you do happen to own your own equipment, you are more than welcome to bring it.

  1. What are the age groups?

The age groups for our classes range from 6-12 years.

  1. What’s covered in the class?

The class covers the fundamentals of archery. This starts with stance, posture, grip, mindset and eventually works towards equipment and shooting techniques.

Aim for Fun

  1. Can I bring my own bow?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to bring your own equipment.

  1. What’s the minimum age?

As long as the child can pull the bow back, they are welcome to try! We’ve even had kids as young as 4yrs have a go!

  1. Do you have another location?

No, we only have one location. However, we are a mobile service and can come to your location if you have the space!

  1. Do you operate on Sundays?

Unfortunately Sundays are exclusively for club members.

  1. Is archery safe for kids?

Yes, it definitely is! We also provide all safety instructions before you begin your session. Archery is also ranked as one of the safest sports.

  1. Do you have any school holiday programs?

Not at this stage, however we have it on the agenda!



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