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Saturdays Only

Session Length:

60 Minutes

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  1. Can I bring my own bow?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to bring your own equipment.

  1. What’s the minimum age?

As long as the child can pull the bow back, they are welcome to try! We’ve even had kids as young as 4yrs have a go!

  1. Do you have another location?

No, we only have one location. However, we are a mobile service and can come to your location if you have the space!

  1. Do you operate on Sundays?

Unfortunately Sundays are exclusively for club members.

  1. Is archery safe for kids?

Yes, it definitely is! We also provide all safety instructions before you begin your session. Archery is also ranked as one of the safest sports.

  1. Do you have any school holiday programs?

Not at this stage, however we have it on the agenda!

Notice: Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled session.



A.S. Tanner Reserve,
Chuter Avenue, Monterey

Saturdays Only

Summer: 10am-4pm
Winter: 10am-4pm 

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0422 227 216

ABN 94 504 435 118
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